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The 12th release from Vienna duo Novy Svet, Doce is a sentimental collection that spans 12 years in 12 songs – recorded in their hometown Vienna, Barcelona, and Hamburg from 1998 through 2010. As a retrospective, Doce draws from across the band’s catalog, showcasing their easy defiance of genre boundaries to create a fluid mixture of folk and experimental sounds, steeped in the haunting tones of “neo-surrealist” instrumentation and arrangement, and somehow never tethered to just a single language. Nový Svět was one of the very first projects released by Austrian neofolk/industrial staple Albin Julius’ HauRock! label, allowing to branch out into collaborations with other groups on their roster (Derniere Volonte, Foresta di Ferro, etc.). Like the band, Doce is defined to a great extent by its avant garde texture, industrial rhythm, and understated translation of European folk influences, providing an ideal entry-point into an endlessly varied apocalyptic folk scene that cast its shadow across Europe in the late nineties, before it heading to the US a little more than a decade later. Here is the video for “Punished with Longing”:



Novy Svet “Doce” out on January 21st 0

For our first release in God-knows-how-long, we’ll be releasing a pretty amazing retrospective on the band Novy Svet titled “Doce”, named to celebrate the 12 tracks spanning their 12 year existence on this, their 12th release. Born in late 1997,the Vienna-based Novy Svet set out to bring some confusion into the so-called industrial uniformity. The group is neither tied to any musical style nor to any language. Novy Svet was one of the very first projects to be released on Albin Julius’ Hau Ruck! label where it found a home for its own recordings but also for many collaborations with other groups from the label’s roster (Mushroom’s Patience, Dernière Volonté, Foresta Di Ferro). Until today, Novy Svet has been pushing the limits of musical categories aside to establish a unique mixture of folk, experimental sounds, and haunting neo-surrealism. Listen to “Espina” from the upcoming “Doce”.


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Net Shaker’s “I’m So Cold” and Smalts “Bronze Age Nursery Rhyme” LP’s OUT NOW!!! 0


Two new drops to start the year off right, one from LA’s Net Shaker and one from the Dutch Smalts. Check out descriptions and some sample below. Both are strange pop experiments in their own right, Smalts hovering somewhere between the Residents and Bjork and Net Shaker lingering about Throbbing Gristle and Negativeland. Cools stuff!

Net Shaker – I’m So Cold LP

Net Shaker’s sound would easily accompany Ridley Scott’s vision of a futuristic Lost Angeles in Blade Runner, which is appropriate since that’s where they are from. Their sound is murky, pounding, and ethereal at times. Their future-electronic industrial pounding is produced by only two members, Erik Frydenborg and Ernest Gibson on this, their debut LP. Drum machines, pounding rhythms, and whispering vocals round out the album. Mastered by Daniel Dudes Haworth. Includes printed LP sleeve with oddball artwork. Beware: this will blow out your speakers. Samples!


Smalts – Bronze Age Nursery Rhyme LP + Blowpipe Sample MP3 Dowload

Smalts are a group of folks from the Netherlands that have been producing weird and off-kilter pop music since 1982. They also happen to run the blowpipe label, which produces a wide variety of outer-pop and synth-pop in Europe. This fancy LP contains 11 never before released Smalts originals and includes a nice sampler of the Blowpipe label with an additional 12 tracks of synth-pop oddities. Welcome the Smalts to their first US release out now on Kill Shaman. Samples!


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Check out the extreme markdowns in the KS distro store. Most 7″s are $3.50, CDs are $5, and LP’s are $7. Some markdowns on KS stuff too. Tons of imports (Australia, Belgium, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Italy, France), lots of genres (punk, garage, noise, “other”).

We have to make room for the Smalts and Net Shaker LP’s and our storage space is completely out of room. Most of this stuff is selling at cost or even at a loss, but whatever. No one ever said we were good businessmen.


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OK, move is over. To celebrate the extreme lack of storage space here, get 10% of with the discount code “10PERCENTFB” in the checkout process. Sorry I can’t do this automagically. I’m not as smart as I used to be. Anyhow, here’s what’s coming next:


Smalts are a group of folks from the Netherlands that have been producing weird and off-kilter pop music since 1982. They also happen to run the blowpipe label, which produces a wide variety of outer-pop and synth-pop in Europe. This fancy LP will include a nice MP3 download sampler of the Blowpipe label. Check out a Smalts sample below and their awesome LP artwork. Due out in November.


Net Shaker are a SOCAL band of strangers that make strage music. Frightening, spacious, calming, and rhythmic, Net Shaker are favorited by many avant record stores and local weirdos. Check out a track below from their last album, “Church on Time”. New jams will be out in early 2013.


We’ve Moving! 0

Once again, we are moving. This time it should be somewhat permanent, so it should not be too terrible. Please accept our apologies if packages are late during the next couple of weeks. We’ll be sure to add some extra goodies for free as an apology. Thanks!


AXIS:SOVA Album “Weight of a Color” Out Now! 0

Kill Shaman is proud to announce the release of AXIS:SOVA’s debut full-length, “Weight of a Color”. Seven tracks of mid-western stoner gaze psych junk with a twist. Check out the tracks below for a sample. Rightly recorded in the summer months and now released under the same season, AXIS:SOVA’s Weight Of A Color tilts from the AXIS: as a phased haze of moon­craze. It’s music to move you in the waning hours of a muggy evening, in the slowness of the heat you want to beat; all the while raising hell, looking at you, looking at yourself through the eyes of the other. Our peripheries are perceived in the bright­nite sky by optic and aural energies outside the lines of universal confines. These caustic plumes waft between bits of oxygen and methane, finding spots inside your brain; honestly, how else would you expect the best end (of the world) to sound? These energies will run amok between your ears just as they do outside the confining lines. Pass the beer bong, play the song. Buy it here.

Subtle Beer Bong Chicks:

Caustic Plume:


Crash Normal LP, Yves/Son/Ace 7″, and The Dreams repress! 0















We like the number 2… Paris’ Crash Normal are somewhere between garage-punk and electro trash. They are a duo. These guys drop the sound of rusty nails and hit the audience like rain. Echos and reverbs fight, the drum machine gets killed by the fuzz pedal. Low frequencies slither around you like a snake. No bass player. Only two guitars to fill the space left in the room. Real drums win the battle over drum machines in the end. They’ve shared the bill with Sic alps, The Intelligence, Alan Vega, Ty Segall, The Mayyors, The Spits, Kid congo, Davila 666, BBQ, Wounded Lion, Human Eyes, the Cave, and Crystal Stilts. Euro customers can pick this up from Born Bad Records. Check out a sample track here. Click the image above to purchase.
















Yves/Son/Ace is the solo project of Matthew Ford (Factums, Love Tan, Evening Meetings). He makes apocalyptic pop music with fuzzy, gnarled, overblown, and mangled instruments. Noises range from guitars and pianos to hammers and mallets. Industrial garage pop… or something. 6-song 7″ EP with high-quality jackets, black sleeves, and some tits. Highly recommend. Check out a sample track here. Click the image above to purchase.



We’re proud to announce the repress of the debut LP from France’s The Dreams. Members of Le Grande Tripple Alliance, The Dreams are two-piece jungle/tropicalia/reggae/glue wave band from France that play a spaced out, psychedelic mix of dub, reggae, post-punk, and French garage rock. It’s impossible to pin down or classify, but you’ll dance like your inner-stoner was set free into a tropical tiki party where the punks are all hanging out with the masters of reggae and dub, and everyone’s having a good time. Their first LP, “Morbido”, contains an amazing mix of feeling and aesthetics that will instantly appeal to fans of early Rough Trade records, Trojan box sets, or modern Glue Wave French punks. Mastered by Seb Normal of the Normals/The Feeling of Love. Limited to 300 copies on black vinyl. Click the image above to purchase.

New distro We’ve added a lot of new distro since our last update. Here’s a quick recap:


  • Black Mamba Beat “S/T” LP- Long awaited debut full length for this London-based South African trio, featuring mr Stix of Black Time fame.
  • Bobsleigh Baby “S/T” LP – My Bloody Valentine meets Country Teasers, with a touch of Morriconesque atmospheres, by 2 guys and 2 gals based in Rome, Italy.
  • Capputtini ‘i lignu “S/T” LP – For those who have been wondering what the fuzz on this French Sicilian duo was all about, now it’s the time to fully satisfy your unquenchable desire for raucous, primitive, traditional-yet-hypnotic “blues with a twist”.
  • Destination Lonely “Kiss or Kicks” LP – Destination Lonely is a new French all-star band from Bordeaux, Perpignan and Paris/Québec with Marco and Vince from The Fatals, Complications or Bobpopkiller back together with the help from the Polar Strong and Hoodlum drummer.
  • Intellectuals “In the Middle of Darkwhere” LP – The fourth LP by one of the longest-living punk bands in Rome. This one is the darkest, as the title suggests; an ode to the political and cultural decadence currently swallowing the Mediterranean.
  • Intellectuals “In the Middle of Darkwhere” LP – The fourth LP by one of the longest-living punk bands in Rome. This one is the darkest, as the title suggests; an ode to the political and cultural decadence currently swallowing the Mediterranean.


  • Inutile “Please Tease” 7″ – Inutile, french for useless, heads from portland and it is made of two people and a fistful of machines, cogs, and buttons.



The Feeling of Love on Tour and We’re Off at the Presses! 0

Sorry it’s been so long, we’ve been really busy. Anyhow, we’ve got a couple of quick things to announce, most importantly a tour from our favorite Frenchmen and a ton of stuff sent off to the pressing plant. So here we go…

The Feeling of Love on Tour of the US!

Our favorite Frenchies are here in the US touring down the West Coast. They started a few days ago, but here’s the remainder of their awesome trip:

Feb 29th in Sacramento @ Bows & Arrows*
March 1st in San Francisco @ TBA*
March 2d in SF @ Great American Music All
March 3d in L.A. @ Troubadour
March 4th in San Diego @ Casbah
March 5th in L.A. @ Pehrspace*
March 6th in L.A. @Burger records instore*
March 7th in Isla Vista @ Biko Garage*
March 8th OFF
March 09th in Davis @ Davis Bike Collective*
March 10th in Oakland @ 1234GO!*

* denotes a show with Delacave, Seb Normal’s other band. The show at Pehrspace in LA is with Merx, a new band with members of The Pope, Bipolar Bear, ex-Spits, etc. It’s a gothic enthusiasts wet dream.

If you go see The Feeling of Love, this is pretty much what you’re in for:

The FEELING OF LOVE live aux Romains 03-02-2012 part 2/2 from Nic Normal on Vimeo.

New Stuff at the Presses!

So the last time we released a record was in October or something, and it was that awesome Branko 7″ with all those tracks and digital downloads and all of that awesome jazz. Well, it’s been a while so we figured we’d do 3 things at once. Here’s what we’ve got coming up along with a little soundcloud action so you folks can give it a preview:

Yves Son Ace “Unsung” 7″

This is a new 7″ from our pal Matthew Ford’s Yves Son Ace. Matthew is a Seattle maystay and has been in Love Tan, Factums, and the new Evening Meetings (with some A-Frames and Lights folks…). This is a sweet little 5-song 7″ that will rock your socks off with weird, noisy, catchy-ass punk that you would expect from such a man. Limited to 500 copies on black vinyl and out soon. Here’s a quick sample of “This Song Won’t Make me Rich”:

Crash Normal “Your Body Got a Land” LP

I’m not sure why we love the French so much. Maybe because we love their country, their food, their culture, and their women. But really, we just like their jams. Crash Normal have always been on our radar and have always been the nicest of people, so we decided to press their latest LP, “You Body Got a Land”. This one even has a sweet A-Frames cover of “Electric Eye”. It’s everything you’d expect from Crash Normal and more; great post-punk, angular riffage. Raging synths that cut like razorblades. Pop hooks make you bang your head. It’s all good. 300 copies on black vinyl, being pressed in the EU by Born Bad. Check out “Moon Food”:

The Dreams “Morbido” LP

And last but not least, we have a repress of the sold out Dreams “Morbido” LP. We’ll be repressing 300 copies on black vinyl, but half will go to Europe and half will remain in the US. If you missed out on this the first time, you better pick this up again since it will be the last pressing we do for this record before it gets vaulted forever and ever… Here’s the Dream’s “Satan” from Morbido:


OUT NOW!!! Branko 7″ and Submissions Digipak + New Distro 0

New Kill Shaman Releases – Branko, Submissions

The image above says it all. We’ve released a brand new 7″ from a relatively unknown Swedish band, Branko! This instrumental trio plays fuzzed out afro-beat garage space odyssey sickness. Branko bring us a brand new slab of wax with 8 tracks of rock a la Link Wray on a 33RPM 7″. The 7″ includes a digital download card for an additional 9 tracks that are not on the 7″ and are equally impressive (17 tracks in total). Branko play blown out guitars, keyboards, and drums with sprinklings of the Ventures, Troggs, and Link Wray with a punk instrumental spin. Strange sci-fi samples litter the tracks of fuzzy greatness. We haven’t heard anything like this… ever. Hear some tracks from the record on our Soundcloud below.

BRANKO! by bryan-levine

Submissions is the recording project of two LA mainstays, Bobb Bruno (Goliath Bird Eater, Best Coast) and Paul Kneejie (The Pope, Bipolar Bear, Hiking). Drawing heavily on early industrial and Godflesh influence, Submissions bring back the rumble and doom that has been gone for so long. This is an extremely limited cd that will only be available through Kill Shaman Records store. Limited to 100 copies, professionally printed and replicated… gotta get this one. Hear some tracks for the record below:

Latest tracks by submissions

New Distro

We’ve added a lot of new distro since our last update. Here’s a quick recap:



Other Stuff

So here’s our usual other stuff section. If you’ve made it this far, you are indeed a loyal and humane buddy. Thank you. Anyhow, we have some great stuff coming up soon including some records from Yves Son Ace (Factums, Love Tan member), Crash Normal (Parisian punks), and many, many other surprises. Also, get your hands on one of those copies of The Dreams “Morbido” LP. We’re running somewhat short.

Lastly, we’ll be “out of the office” for the next two weeks. Feel free to place order and we’ll ship them immediately after returning from our glorious conquest of foreign lands. Thanks for being patient.


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