The Moles “Untune the Sky” 2XLP is Here!!!

Yes, that’s right! The re-issue of this perfect 90′s pop album is now in stock and super limited to 500 copies on beautiful black vinyl. So it’s a 2XLP release with the original Untune the Sky artwork and 18 tracks of perfect Aussie weirdo rock. Here are the details:


A perfect 90′s pop-album, the Moles’ “Untune the Sky” is finally being reissued on vinyl again after almost 20 years with original artwork and a beautiful insert. The Australian band Moles, led by solo artist and Robert Pollard collaborator, Richard Davies, toured the US, Australia, and Europe with Guided By Voices and other great 90′s pop acts. The 2XLP is an exact reproduction of the extended “Untune the Sky” CD, containing tracks from the early “What’s the New Mary Jane” 2X7″/CDEP and the original “Untune the Sky” LP/CD, resulting in 18 tracks of pure pop genius.


1. bury me happy
2. tendrils and paracetamol
3. this is a happy garden
4. breathe me in
5. lonely hearts get what they deserve
6. the crown souls
7. rebecca
8. europe by car
9. curdle
10. wires
11. nailing jesus to the cross
12. accidental saint
13. rich man (original mix)
14. surf’s up
15. what’s the new mary jane
16. going down
17. saint jack
18. let’s hook up and get some

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