New Releases! The Rebel / Bomber Jackets “Split 7″ and The Feeling of Love’s “Dissolve Me” LP

Kill Shaman is proud to announce two awesome new releases:

The Rebel / Bomber Jackets “Split” 7″

A brand new split release between Ben Wallers (Country Teasers) The Rebel and James Pheromoans’ (Pheromoans) Bomber Jackets. Limited to 300 copies and released as a split release between Kill Shaman and Savoury Days (UK), we have less than 100 copies here in the US after the bands got their share, we split the rest with Savoury Days, then sent a bunch out for radio and stuff. Each band gives out 2 tracks of epic post-whatever weirdness. If you’re a fan of the output from any of the people involved in this thing, this is a must have.

Buy it HERE.

The Feeling of Love “Dissolve Me” LP

The Feeling of Love’s 3rd album, their second for Kill Shaman, “Dissolve Me” picks up right where “OK Judge Revival” left off. it’s got a great Velvets sheen, but with some trace-like psychedelia and caveman head-bangers. If you liked “OK Judge Revival”, this will blow your socks off. Eleven tracks of pure, unadulterated garage-psych-kraut beauty. Catchy, repetitive, and sure to be on heavy rotation. Please note that this LP will not ship until next week!

Buy it HERE.

Distro Updates

And from last time, we’ve added some new records in the distro store:

Up Next!

Up next, we’ve gor a great LP from France’s The Dreams coming out, titled “Morbido”. The album is full of crazy minimal synth reggae tracks that make you want to dance awkwardly and smoke a big doober. After that comes a great record from Sweden’s BRANKO! They sound like the Ventures gone punk. Amazing. Come back soon, ya hear!

-Crabby Levine


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