Beko Digital Singles <3 Kill Shaman + New Distro Items


So it’s been a while (again) since we’ve posted, but we have some pretty cool updates for you. First off, we wanted to announce that one of our favorite labels, Beko Digital Singles, has put out a pretty sweet compilation called “This is What LA Doesn’t Sound Like” that includes a bunch of Kill Shaman bands, friends, and side projects. “This is What LA Doesn’t Sound Like” includes tracks from Night Control, Healthcare (members of Turrks and Night Control), Ger^^an, German Army, and Hiking (ex-Bad Dudes, Turrks, and Silver Daggers guys). Check out the compilation and download it for FREE here. While you’re there, check out some older stuff they did with Night Control, The Feeling of Love, The Dreams, Turrks, etc.

The Dreams

The new LP from the Dreams titled “Morbido” should be here next week. The Dreams are two-piece jungle/tropicalia/reggae/glue wave band from France that play a spaced out, psychedelic mix of dub, reggae, post-punk, and French garage rock. It’s impossible to pin down or classify, but you’ll dance like your inner-stoner was set free into a tropical tiki party where the punks are all hanging out with the masters of reggae and dub, but everyone’s having a good time. Their first LP, “Morbido”, contains an amazing mix of feeling and aesthetics that will instantly appeal to fans of early Rough Trade records, Trojan box sets, or modern Glue Wave French punks. Mastered by Seb Normal of the Normals/The Feeling of Love. Check out the video below for the track “Milk by Myself”:

New Distro

Lastly, there’s a ton of new stuff we put into the distro store recently. Lots of great stuff from Canada, France, the good ‘ol US, and all over the place. Here’s a solid list:

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