OUT NOW!!! Branko 7″ and Submissions Digipak + New Distro

New Kill Shaman Releases – Branko, Submissions

The image above says it all. We’ve released a brand new 7″ from a relatively unknown Swedish band, Branko! This instrumental trio plays fuzzed out afro-beat garage space odyssey sickness. Branko bring us a brand new slab of wax with 8 tracks of rock a la Link Wray on a 33RPM 7″. The 7″ includes a digital download card for an additional 9 tracks that are not on the 7″ and are equally impressive (17 tracks in total). Branko play blown out guitars, keyboards, and drums with sprinklings of the Ventures, Troggs, and Link Wray with a punk instrumental spin. Strange sci-fi samples litter the tracks of fuzzy greatness. We haven’t heard anything like this… ever. Hear some tracks from the record on our Soundcloud below.

BRANKO! by bryan-levine

Submissions is the recording project of two LA mainstays, Bobb Bruno (Goliath Bird Eater, Best Coast) and Paul Kneejie (The Pope, Bipolar Bear, Hiking). Drawing heavily on early industrial and Godflesh influence, Submissions bring back the rumble and doom that has been gone for so long. This is an extremely limited cd that will only be available through Kill Shaman Records store. Limited to 100 copies, professionally printed and replicated… gotta get this one. Hear some tracks for the record below:

Latest tracks by submissions

New Distro

We’ve added a lot of new distro since our last update. Here’s a quick recap:



Other Stuff

So here’s our usual other stuff section. If you’ve made it this far, you are indeed a loyal and humane buddy. Thank you. Anyhow, we have some great stuff coming up soon including some records from Yves Son Ace (Factums, Love Tan member), Crash Normal (Parisian punks), and many, many other surprises. Also, get your hands on one of those copies of The Dreams “Morbido” LP. We’re running somewhat short.

Lastly, we’ll be “out of the office” for the next two weeks. Feel free to place order and we’ll ship them immediately after returning from our glorious conquest of foreign lands. Thanks for being patient.


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