The Feeling of Love on Tour and We’re Off at the Presses!

Sorry it’s been so long, we’ve been really busy. Anyhow, we’ve got a couple of quick things to announce, most importantly a tour from our favorite Frenchmen and a ton of stuff sent off to the pressing plant. So here we go…

The Feeling of Love on Tour of the US!

Our favorite Frenchies are here in the US touring down the West Coast. They started a few days ago, but here’s the remainder of their awesome trip:

Feb 29th in Sacramento @ Bows & Arrows*
March 1st in San Francisco @ TBA*
March 2d in SF @ Great American Music All
March 3d in L.A. @ Troubadour
March 4th in San Diego @ Casbah
March 5th in L.A. @ Pehrspace*
March 6th in L.A. @Burger records instore*
March 7th in Isla Vista @ Biko Garage*
March 8th OFF
March 09th in Davis @ Davis Bike Collective*
March 10th in Oakland @ 1234GO!*

* denotes a show with Delacave, Seb Normal’s other band. The show at Pehrspace in LA is with Merx, a new band with members of The Pope, Bipolar Bear, ex-Spits, etc. It’s a gothic enthusiasts wet dream.

If you go see The Feeling of Love, this is pretty much what you’re in for:

The FEELING OF LOVE live aux Romains 03-02-2012 part 2/2 from Nic Normal on Vimeo.

New Stuff at the Presses!

So the last time we released a record was in October or something, and it was that awesome Branko 7″ with all those tracks and digital downloads and all of that awesome jazz. Well, it’s been a while so we figured we’d do 3 things at once. Here’s what we’ve got coming up along with a little soundcloud action so you folks can give it a preview:

Yves Son Ace “Unsung” 7″

This is a new 7″ from our pal Matthew Ford’s Yves Son Ace. Matthew is a Seattle maystay and has been in Love Tan, Factums, and the new Evening Meetings (with some A-Frames and Lights folks…). This is a sweet little 5-song 7″ that will rock your socks off with weird, noisy, catchy-ass punk that you would expect from such a man. Limited to 500 copies on black vinyl and out soon. Here’s a quick sample of “This Song Won’t Make me Rich”:

Crash Normal “Your Body Got a Land” LP

I’m not sure why we love the French so much. Maybe because we love their country, their food, their culture, and their women. But really, we just like their jams. Crash Normal have always been on our radar and have always been the nicest of people, so we decided to press their latest LP, “You Body Got a Land”. This one even has a sweet A-Frames cover of “Electric Eye”. It’s everything you’d expect from Crash Normal and more; great post-punk, angular riffage. Raging synths that cut like razorblades. Pop hooks make you bang your head. It’s all good. 300 copies on black vinyl, being pressed in the EU by Born Bad. Check out “Moon Food”:

The Dreams “Morbido” LP

And last but not least, we have a repress of the sold out Dreams “Morbido” LP. We’ll be repressing 300 copies on black vinyl, but half will go to Europe and half will remain in the US. If you missed out on this the first time, you better pick this up again since it will be the last pressing we do for this record before it gets vaulted forever and ever… Here’s the Dream’s “Satan” from Morbido:


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