AXIS:SOVA Album “Weight of a Color” Out Now!

Kill Shaman is proud to announce the release of AXIS:SOVA’s debut full-length, “Weight of a Color”. Seven tracks of mid-western stoner gaze psych junk with a twist. Check out the tracks below for a sample. Rightly recorded in the summer months and now released under the same season, AXIS:SOVA’s Weight Of A Color tilts from the AXIS: as a phased haze of moon­craze. It’s music to move you in the waning hours of a muggy evening, in the slowness of the heat you want to beat; all the while raising hell, looking at you, looking at yourself through the eyes of the other. Our peripheries are perceived in the bright­nite sky by optic and aural energies outside the lines of universal confines. These caustic plumes waft between bits of oxygen and methane, finding spots inside your brain; honestly, how else would you expect the best end (of the world) to sound? These energies will run amok between your ears just as they do outside the confining lines. Pass the beer bong, play the song. Buy it here.

Subtle Beer Bong Chicks:

Caustic Plume:


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