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  • KSR59: Dan Melchior and Russell Walker “Walker/Melchior” 7″walker_melchior

    This excellent new release from the prolific Dan Melchior (Dan Melchior und Das Menace, Lloyd Pack) and frequent collaborator Russell Walker (Pheromoans, Bomber Jackets, Lloyd Pack) brings two new tracks of kraut-influenced space rock. Melchior’s fuzzed-out guitar flurries and psychedelic synthesizer banter play nicely against Walker’s talk-singing poetry to create what is ultimately a very […]

    Order Dan Melchior and Russell Walker "Walker/Melchior" 7" 7-inch @ $6.00
  • KSR58: Novy Svet “Doce” LPNovy_svet_doce_large

    The 12th release from Vienna duo Novy Svet, Doce is a sentimental collection that spans 12 years in 12 songs – recorded in their hometown Vienna, Barcelona, and Hamburg from 1998 through 2010. As a retrospective, Doce draws from across the band’s catalog, showcasing their easy defiance of genre boundaries to create a fluid mixture […]

    Order KSR58: Novy Svet "Doce" LP LP @ $13.00
  • KSR57: Net Shaker “I’m So Cold” LPKSR57_Net_SHaker_Cover_small

    Net Shaker’s sound would easily accompany Ridley Scott’s vision of a futuristic Lost Angeles in Blade Runner, which is appropriate since that’s where they are from. Their sound is murky, pounding, and ethereal at times. Their future-electronic industrial pounding is produced by only two members, Erik Frydenborg and Ernest Gibson on this, their debut LP. […]

    Order KSR 57: Net Shaker "I'm So Cold" LP LP @ $13.00
  • KSR56: Smalts “Bronze Age Nursery Rhyme” LP + Blowpipe Label MP3 SamplerSMALTS_SMALL_tiny

    Smalts are a group of folks from the Netherlands that have been producing weird and off-kilter pop music since 1982. They also happen to run the blowpipe label, which produces a wide variety of outer-pop and synth-pop in Europe. This fancy LP contains 11 never before released Smalts originals and will include a nice MP3 […]

    Order KSR56: Smalts "Bronze Age Nursery Rhyme" LP + Blowpipe Label MP3 Sampler LP + MP3 @ $13.00
  • KSR55: AXIS:SOVA “Weight of a Color” LPKSR55-Cover-Small

    We­ow, it’s a feature length album from deep within the molten, midwestern drought. Rightly recorded in the summer months and now released under the same season, AXIS:SOVA’s Weight Of A Color tilts from the AXIS: as a phased haze of moon­craze. It’s music to move you in the waning hours of a muggy evening, in […]

    Order KSR55: AXIS:SOVA "Weight of a Color" LP LP @ $13.00
  • KSR54: Crash Normal “Your Body Got a Land” LPcrashnormal_body_small

    We like the number 2… Paris’ Crash Normal are somewhere between garage-punk and electro trash. They are a duo. These guys drop the sound of rusty nails and hit the audience like rain. Echos and reverbs fight, the drum machine gets killed by the fuzz pedal. Low frequencies slither around you like a snake. No […]

    Order KSR54: Crash Normal "Your Body Got a Land" LP LP @ $13.00
  • KSR53: Yves/Son/Ace “Unsung” 7″yvesson_small

    Yves/Son/Ace is the solo project of Matthew Ford (Factums, Love Tan, Evening Meetings). He makes apocalyptic pop music with fuzzy, gnarled, overblown, and mangled instruments. Noises range from guitars and pianos to hammers and mallets. Industrial garage pop… or something. 6-song 7″ EP with high-quality jackets, black sleeves, and some tits. Highly recommend.

    Order KSR53: Yves/Son/Ace "Unsung" 7" 7" @ $5.50
  • KSR52: Branko! “Branko” 7″ EP + MP3LPBRANKO

    Hailing from Sweden, Branko bring us a brand new slab of wax with 8 tracks of instrumental surf/african/garage rock a la Link Wray on a 33RPM 7″. The 7″ includes a digital download card for an additional 9 tracks that are not on the 7″ and are equally impressive (17 tracks in total). Branko play […]

    Order KSR52: Branko! "Branko" 7" EP + MP3LP 7-inch + MP3 @ $6.00
  • KSR51: The Dreams “Morbido” LP / MP3dreams_cover_small

    The Dreams (members of Le Grande Tripple The Feeling of Love, etc.) are two-piece jungle/tropicalia/reggae/glue wave band from France that play a spaced out, psychedelic mix of dub, reggae, post-punk, and French garage rock. It’s impossible to pin down or classify, but you’ll dance like your inner-stoner was set free into a tropical tiki party […]

    Order KSR51: The Dreams "Morbido" LP
  • KSR50: The Feeling of Love “Dissolve Me” LPfeeling_of_love_dissolve

    Born in a Metz’s bunker during the 2006 summer, The Feeling of Love is at first the solo project of G.Marietta (A.H. Kraken’s guitarist and singer, In the red records). Ephemeral idea that initially couldn’t have gone further than a few short songs, belched and recorded for the tape label Luisance Sonore. The postulate was […]

    Order KSR50: The Feeling of Love "Dissolve Me" LP

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