KSR42: Night Control “Life Control” CD


The follow up to last year’s “Death Control” CD that garnered such praise, “Life Control” is an experiment further into the forays of the disjunct and fractured pop music that Christopher Curtis Smith is so akin to producing. “Life Control” sees Night Control venturing further into the dark depths of sonic experimentation and ambience, circling back around to Derrida’s deconstruction theory and applying it to pop music. Sounds are manipulated, affected and tortured into loosely structured pop gems covered in organic acoustic guitars, blown out guitars and some of the most interested mixes of live and programmed drums. Expect to see this CD all over the place once again as Night Control has brought their signature sound to the next level of weird and interesting. This is the perfect soundtrack or city walking.

1. CS
2. There’s A Chance
3. Take Apart
4. The Word
5. Sculpt
6. West Side Birds
7. Track Evaluation
8. Fore
9. Master Hiss
10. Window Seat
11. Break Sculpt
12. Glow
13. Guitar

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  3. bryan on July 11th, 2010

    From Termbo:

    Out of my league and dealing with references I know little about, but I’ll give‘r a go and hope I don’t get too much flack for my lack of knowledge. Haven’t kept up on the indie-now. Bedroom multi-instrumentalist/manipulator pulling out the dreamy hooks of shoegaze past, only to cut ‘em up and bury them in off-kilter experimentation. This would seem appealing to Animal Collective or Deerhunter fans. It’s like Bob Pollard making friends with the above bands and they decided to collaborate on something…sinister? Interesting to the outsider fanboys who dig on shit like Ariel Pink. Only noisier and yet less grating, from what I can recall. There seems to be audio dropouts in a few tracks that may be purposeful or may just be honest tape damage. You never know with this kinda’ thing. Piano, drum machines, loops, guitar crashes…it’s got everything going against it, set on trying to wreck good pop tune structure (but it fails on doing so). That’s a good thing. Not sure I’d ever listen again to it by choice, this was fed to me. But as far as the initial digestion goes, it went down fairly smooth, and I even got some nutrients out of it. If you hang with the Dusted, Wire, or Pitchfork gang…seek this out. Then you’ll really have something to discuss during this years NoisePop Festival. (RSF)
    (Kill Shaman // http://www.killshaman.com)

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