KSR50: The Feeling of Love “Dissolve Me” LP

Born in a Metz’s bunker during the 2006 summer, The Feeling of Love is at first the solo project of G.Marietta (A.H. Kraken’s guitarist and singer, In the red records). Ephemeral idea that initially couldn’t have gone further than a few short songs, belched and recorded for the tape label Luisance Sonore. The postulate was to play on the garage blues and no-wave’s codes in order to find a primitive, repetitive and minimal idea of rock’n’roll. Finally, after 2 years playing gigs in Europe, and a few 7″ out (Yakisakana, Floridas Dying, Rococo records, etc.), the “one man band” mutates: from a one-piece to a two-piece, then now Feeling of Love is a three-piece band, with Seb Normal (the Normals, Crash Normal,etc.) on drums, and s. (A.H.Kraken, Vingt Mille Punks) on keyboards.

The Feeling of Love put out then his first two LP’s, “Petite tu es un hit” on Yakisakana and “Ok Judge Revival” with yours truly. On the latter, the blues and his repetitive gimmicks that were a driving force that caused a trance-like state, perverted by krautrock and psychedelism.

A year after, the band carries on with the “kraut space garage” vein on their third album. Songs stretch out, the drums go more tribal, the synth hammers out his keys on an infinite highway, and the guitar gets lost in a fog of delay pedal.

From the beginning, the band has played around Europe and in the United States, with such bands as The Intelligence, Ty Segall, Strange Boys, Movie Star Junkies, Black Lips, Magnetix, Cheveu, Girls, King Khan & the Shrines, Movie Star Junkies, etc. Check it:

1. Cellophane Face
2. Dissolve Me
3. Funk Police
4. I am the Road
5. We are out of Tune
6. La Bas C’est Naturel
7. 666 Blank Girls
8. Empty Trash Bag
9. I am right, You are Wrong
10. Numboy
11. White Smoke Rising

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  1. [...] The sounds coming from this French trio keep getting better. Following last year’s OK Judge Revival, Kill Shaman has issued Dissolve Me. “Cellophane Face” kicks it off with catchy rock and roll dissolved in a thick haze of psychedelic reverb. Drawing from influences such as the Velvet Underground and krautrock bands like Neu!, Dissolve Me is darkly hypnotic and repetitive. I swear the music they’re playing is being beamed in from another planet. Planet Earth does not sound like this. Drawing you deep into the abyss, the keyboard sounds put you in a trance and give the music a somewhat menacing undertone. The results sound very cohesive and the Feeling of Love are able to easily pull the listener in with their metronomic sound. It ends on a blissful note with “White Smoke Rising”, after which you unwillingly awake from the psychedelic fever dream. There isn’t any filler, but the standouts are “Dissolve Me”, “La bas c’est naturel”, “Numboy”, and the amusing “Empty Trash Bag”. Plus, you’ve gotta love how G. Marietta sings “I am listening to 60’s garage rock and roll…” in his thick French accent. Buy the LP here. [...]

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