Sorry we Suck

So it's been about a year since we wrote a blog post. Sorry about that. We actually did do some stuff though. In 2015 we released only one record, the amazing "In Durham" LP by Dan Melchior and Russell Walker. We didn't do a whole lot, to be honest. Which sucks. Maybe 2016 will be different.

So far we have plans for a record by Heimat (Olivier from Cheveu and Bisou Bisou from The Dreams) due out in February as a shared release with Teenage Menopause in France. We'll share some clips soon, but it's outstanding. Oliver's electronics angled towards African and Middle-Eastern rhythms with dub sensibilities lay down the perfect beats for Bisou's Slits-inspired German vocals. This is a real winner and one we'll be proud of for years. 

Past that, we're working on a reissue of an amazing piece of electronic work from a man who's recently been getting some praise for his resurfaced music. It's a good one from the early 80's, but I'll write more once it's locked down. This would be the first time it's seen vinyl since it's original release of 500 copies in '81. 

Beyond that, who knows. We're not doing a distro anymore given our lack of space, so check out the distro section for deep, deep discounts on everything. Apologies to anyone writing us to see if we'd like to carry your records. It's become quite a burden to keep up with the cool kids and we simply don't have the time or the energy anymore. Out with the old, in with the new as they say. Happy 2016, shamanites. 


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