Dead Wife “DWSYHF” 7″

Psychic Handshake

$ 3.00 $ 6.00

DEAD WIFE are one of the most exciting punk bands to come out of Montreal in the last few years. Tackling subject matter like tabloid journalism and text messaging with a sound that is like a car crash of early 80s L.A. punk and thrashy art punk with ultra snotty female vocals, they are the pop culture junkie cousins of bands like No-Talents, Nu Sensae and Mika Miko. Forming just over a year ago in the southwest Montreal borough of St-Henri, the band banged out close to a dozen bonafide punk hits within a matter of months. What you get here are three of those songs, one ("Gentleman Rapist") recorded by Choyce (Red Mass / CPC Gangbangs) at his practice space in Griffintown, and the other two ("D.W.S.Y.H.F" and "TXT Me") recorded by Marc Montanchez at CKUT last summer. Mastered by James Flames. 500 copies on black vinyl. Imported from them thar Canadia.

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