Maximum Wage "I-U / All At Once" 7"


$ 3.00 $ 6.00

Limited to 500 copies, 400 black, 100 yellow. We have only the YELLOW color copies. Booyah. MAXIMUM WAGE, a sensational new group out of Chicago, comprised of IAN ADAMS (HAPPY SUPPLY, THE PONYS, SUBMARINE RACES), RYAN WEINSTEIN (CAVITY, WHITE SAVAGE, RED EYDE LEGENDS, EUPHONE, RETURNABLES), and PAUL JOHN HIGGINS (Submarine Races, Red Eyed Legends). The band formed in 2008, and have played shows to stunned crowds of twenty or so people throughout this time period. Maximum Wage plays music best described as "Buttoned Up," are devout fans of novelty and brevity, and have done their best to pay musical salutation to the legacies of those that came before them, like Joe Meek, The Crucifucks, Ahab and The Wailers, and the like.

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