Monks "Pretty Suzanne (Fuzz Version) B/W Monk Time" 7"

Red Lounge

$ 3.00 $ 6.00

This is the one to change the History Books. So far we were lead to believe that the Monks, after their LP failed to chart, turned it down and tried a couple more pop tunes before vanishing into oblivion. The truth is far from that: bound by their contract with Polydor, the Monks were unable to develop their music the way they really wanted to. In 1967 the Monks went on their own time and money into Tonstudio Pfanz near Hamburg to record this smashing fuzz driven freak beat version of "Pretty Suzanne" behind Polydor's back!! Trying to fu** over Germany’s biggest Record Label???? It doesn’t get more punk than that in my book!!! Sure enough they got in trouble for it and this killer version remained unreleased to this day. First ever legit re-issue in full cooperation with the Monks. Mastered from the original (only known version!!) acetate. In amazing high fidelity fuzz sound!!!

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