Wantage USA’s 21st Release “Hits Omnibus” CD

Wantage USA

$ 5.00 $ 13.00

Well, friend, it's finally come to pass: Wantage USA's 21st Release Hits Omnibus is on the streets. This compilation features two discs, two continents, 47 groups and over one hundred and fifty minutes of the hottest-assed music around. It was close to a year in the making, and good project for connecting and reconnecting to a lot of friends, and it put us in touch with the mission of supporting and highlighting creativity, independence and adventure. Like those compilations that bring you back for repeat listening, we attempted to sequence this as thoughtfully as possible, and it's got some eclectic parts: From No-Fi Soul Rebellion's (Montana) ecstatic god-rock/soul stomp to Noxagt's (Norway) ode to gas-huffing, back again to Drunk Horse's (California) fantasy blast, over again to Oneida, the Fucking Champs, Federation X, Ass-End Offend, Dub Narcotic, JonnyX and the Groadies, Point Line Plane, Party Time, Early Humans, Japanther, Fireballs of Freedom, Bloodhag, Oblio Joes, Volumen, Bryan Ramirez, Skyforger, Stars of the Dogon, Le Force, Depo, Balozu Pilni Pagalmi and the Joggers (and about thirty more)- the Hits Omnibus is not any sort of "genre comp." This thing is wall to wall packed with hit after smoking hit. (Wantage USA)

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