The Feeling of Love "Dissolve Me" LP


$ 12.00

Born in a Metz’s bunker during the 2006 summer, The Feeling of Love is at first the solo project of G.Marietta (A.H. Kraken’s guitarist and singer, In the red records). Ephemeral idea that initially couldn’t have gone further than a few short songs, belched and recorded for the tape label Luisance Sonore. The postulate was to play on the garage blues and no-wave’s codes in order to find a primitive, repetitive and minimal idea of rock’n’roll. Finally, after 2 years playing gigs in Europe, and a few 7″ out (Yakisakana, Floridas Dying, Rococo records, etc.), the “one man band” mutates: from a one-piece to a two-piece, then now Feeling of Love is a three-piece band, with Seb Normal (the Normals, Crash Normal,etc.) on drums, and s. (A.H.Kraken, Vingt Mille Punks) on keyboards.

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