Bobb Bruno "Mellowdramas" LP

Sleeping Giant Glossolalia

$ 1.00

Bobb Bruno, known for his work in fuzzy dream-pop outfit BEST COAST, slow-burning metal merchants GOLIATH BIRD EATER, and post-rock lurkers POLAR GOLDIE CATS, to name but a few, not to mention his role in shaping the current LA underground by making records with MIKA MIKO, POCAHAUNTED, and MAGIC LANTERN, in addition to stints with THE FOR CARNATION and IMAAD WASIF, has been turning out his thoughtfully-crafted solo work for years, and never so seamlessly as on “Mellowdramas”. With it’s combination of late-night-loner electronic drift, dream-inducing rhythmic workouts, and masterful avant-pop orchestrations, this is a record that stays with you. Written and recorded during a period of personal turmoil, the album travels the arc from the deeply melancholic to the triumphant, leaving bad dreams to die on the bedroom floor. Not concerned with coolness, with “Mellowdramas” you get the real thing, and just maybe, a good night’s sleep.

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