Capputtini 'i lignu "S/T" LP


$ 7.00 $ 15.00

For those who have been wondering what the fuzz on this French Sicilian duo was all about, now it's the time to fully satisfy your unquenchable desire for raucous, primitive, traditional-yet-hypnotic "blues with a twist". Capputtini 'I lignu (literally "wooden jackets" in sicilian dialect) is the result of the encounter between a boy (the multitalented Cheb Samir from Strasbourg - already in a gazillion bands such as Crack und ultra eczema, Normals, Black souls of Leviathan, Two tears etc.) and a girl, the dangerous sicilian femme fatale Cristina (also in Corpus Christi). Proud children of the rising new art-punk scene in Rome, the duo fills this record with sin, obsession, death, Appalachian rituals, whiskey driven despair, throbbing passion and greasy Sicilian meat pastries. Dark in its American roots, but clearly an entirely European interpretation of our tortured days. Beautiful (!!!) exclusive cover art by Cheb Samir himself.

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