Heimat "S/T" LP


$ 1.00

Debut LP from Heimat, who's members consist of Olivier from Cheveu and Armellie from The Dreams, both KSR alumni. This one is ten tracks of afro-beat rhythms, cinematic soundscapes, and post-punk aggression. Almost as if John Carpenter, RZA, and The Slits made a record together. Sort of. 

Comes with an astonishing cover by Alexander Lobanov (1924-2003), the famous Russian Art Brut artist. Released by KSR in the US and Teenage Menopause Records in Europe. 


  1. Wieder Ja
  2. Dein Architeckt
  3. Tot Und Hoch
  4. Trocadero
  5. Flutah
  6. Pompei
  7. So Traurig
  8. Afrikastan
  9. Pietrocitta
  10. Wek



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