Le Face “Le Face” LP

Tic Tac Totally

$ 5.00 $ 12.00

Long-awaited 7 song 12" EP adds to the bands run of shambolic desperation (as displayed on the Isolation LP) and their knack for spirited first wave sounds (a-la the genius Salvador Dali 7"). This new self-titled record adds a thicker wash of black to the pallette without obscuring any of their former records' degenerate charm. Cover art by Gitane Demone (Christian Death).

The band has quite a back-story and if you wanna read about beaten audience members, addiction problems and cops then google em. Their sound is completely nihilistic and shambolic in sticking to the purity of old flavors. Hating you like GG. Taunting you like Lee Ving. Hating themselves like Darby. With this new record their music has come into a fully matured nihilistic shadow. Draped up in some indiscriminate wool blanket and sweating out guitar clang n clamor under snotty vox forcing through the haze. A sound as optimistic as a bloodied rape victim on the side of the road. Great punk sound makes for great punk records.

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