Multicult "Spaces Tangled" LP

Sleeping Giant Glossolalia

$ 13.00

The toxins borne of that so-called “pigfuck renaissance” we’ve been hearing about in places like the Village Voice must have been seeping down from New York City into the fertile Baltimore soil for some time now, as the second album from Multicult only amplifies all the acid-damaged qualities that have made the band a unanimous favorite in these harsh realms. Everything has been turned up a notch to make “Spaces Tangled” a more efficient killing machine. The songs are heavier and more concise, the recording clearer without losing even a hint of urgency, and the unlikely mutant-funk angle has been dialed in to give this record the finish of a Chrome-plated post-punk relic that somehow, rather than looking to the past, warns of a rhythmically devastating, noise-drenched future.

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