Novy Svet "Doce" LP


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The 12th release from Vienna duo Novy Svet, Doce is a sentimental collection that spans 12 years in 12 songs - recorded in their hometown Vienna, Barcelona, and Hamburg from 1998 through 2010. As a retrospective, Doce draws from across the band's catalog, showcasing their easy defiance of genre boundaries to create a fluid mixture of folk and experimental sounds, steeped in the haunting tones of "neo-surrealist" instrumentation and arrangement, and somehow never tethered to just a single language. Nový Svět was one of the very first projects released by Austrian neofolk/industrial staple Albin Julius’ HauRock! label, allowing to branch out into collaborations with other groups on their roster (Derniere Volonte, Foresta di Ferro, etc.). Like the band, Doce is defined to a great extent by its avant garde texture, industrial rhythm, and understated translation of European folk influences, providing an ideal entry-point into an endlessly varied apocalyptic folk scene that cast its shadow across Europe in the late nineties, before it heading to the US a little more than a decade later.

1. Punished with Longing
2. Espina
3. Ninos de la Bola
4. Marlene
5. Esperando la Luna
6. Amore, Amour, Amor
7. Titan
8. Desgracia Dos
9. Fin. Finito. Infinito.
10. Opio Dos
11. Yo No.
12. Juntos


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