Ricardo Dias Gomes "Aa" LP


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Ricardo Dias Gomes returns with a new full-length of experimental compositions. Following up on 2015’s critically-acclaimed “-11”, heralded as a “weirdly hermetic sound world, alternating between tender, introspective ballads, rude electronic grooves, and dissonant ambience” by the Chicago Reader’s Peter Margasak among others, Aa continues Gomes’ intimate explorations of sound. This time, Gomes opts to collaborate with other like-minded aficionados including Moreno Veloso, Pedro Sá, and Arto Lindsay, who was a particularly guiding force in the creation of Aa. Inimitable, unplaceable, and beautiful, Aa is truly a stunning listen.

“With Aa I wanted to capture the epiphany I felt while performing on stage”, says Gomes, “yet recording these tracks wasn't always pleasant - I remember tough days in the studio where I felt raw and exposed. I’m proud of the results though - arrangements while still minimal are more colourful, bass heavy, lyrics utterly honest”

A split release between Kill Shaman in the US and SDZ in France. Limited to 500 copies. 


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