Smalts "Bronze Age Nursery Rhyme" LP + Blowpipe Label MP3 Sampler


$ 1.00

Smalts are a group of folks from the Netherlands that have been producing weird and off-kilter pop music since 1982. They also happen to run the blowpipe label, which produces a wide variety of outer-pop and synth-pop in Europe. This fancy LP contains 11 never before released Smalts originals and will include a nice MP3 download sampler of the Blowpipe label with an additional 12 tracks of synth-pop oddities. Welcome the Smalts to their first US release out now on Kill Shaman.

1. Some One
2. Salley Gardens
3. Low
4. Bronze Age Nursery Rhyme
5. O Vrouw
6. El Greco
7. Twee Keer In De Week
8. Al Zijn De Rozen Niet Aaneen Geregen
9. Silver Hours
10. Vriendin
11. Adulterous

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