The Feeling of Love "OK Judge Revival" LP


$ 1.00 $ 12.00

The newest LP from Metz, France’s Feeling of Love is a blues-wrangling nightmare, full of nods to The John Spencer Blues Explosion, The Velvet Underground, and French glue-wavers Crash Normal. This newest full-length studio album is an awesome follow up to their first LP and the one-sided 12″ from last few years. Songs include amazing slide guitar riffs over drum machines, synths and tight rhythm section. This album is a complete reminder of why we have such a fondness for their first few releases and 7-inches; their tracks are driving grooves with a wild blues edge, all followed up with that magical French synthesis that delivers a “can’t miss” experience. Awesome cover art, printed sleeves and limited to our usual 500 copies on black vinyl.

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