Net Shaker "I'm So Cold" LP


$ 1.00

Net Shaker's sound would easily accompany Ridley Scott's vision of a futuristic Lost Angeles in Blade Runner, which is appropriate since that's where they are from. Their sound is murky, pounding, and ethereal at times. Their future-electronic industrial pounding is produced by only two members, Erik Frydenborg and Ernest Gibson on this, their debut LP. Drum machines, pounding rhythms, and whispering vocals round out the album. Mastered by Daniel Dudes Haworth. Includes printed LP sleeve with oddball artwork. Beware: this will blow out your speakers.

1. Styx
2. Clear Thing
3. Kut City Now
4. LOA
5. Cement Color
6. Lissen
7. Another Twin
8. Be Back
9. Hail
10. Fog Mane
11. Phone Away
12. Alleywalk
13. Make Time
14. Antenna
15. Outsides Up
16. Car Is Over

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