Aggravation “S/T” LP

P. Trash

$ 7.00 $ 12.00

Imported from Germany via P. Trash. Limited to 500 copies. Stash away your wine and cheese, enculé, and get them rockin' shoes out, the Marseille-based band AGGRAVATION is going to shake your phono. Originally released on Relax-o-Matic Vibrator Records in an edition of only 300 copies in early 2007, we at the P. Trash HQ went bananas when we heard it for the first time and immediately declared it for the best non P. Trash Record in 2007. This is damn fine and drifty 77' Punk par excellance with a good wavy hint, somewhere between the BUZZCOCKS, the RAMONES and the WIPERS, all smeared with dirt and armed to the yellow teeth with driving melodies.
The slower ''Olivier'' reminds of a pepped-up hommage to GRAUZONE's ''Eisbär'' , while the faster ''Violence'' takes you on a destructo-spree on the outskirts of of a dirty town. And they even cover REAGAN YOUTH's Überhit ''Degenerated'' somewhere in between.
Man, this is some hot merde spinning at 45 and we're pleased pleased pleased to re-press this disque now for your listening plaisir! Comes with a slightly different artwork which make the edition way more classy than the original copy, hehehe.

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