Bobsleigh Baby "S/T" LP


$ 5.00 $ 14.00

My Bloody Valentine meets Country Teasers, with a touch of Morriconesque atmospheres, by 2 guys and 2 gals based in Rome, Italy. Equal parts French and Italian, and incuding our almost-omnipresent Cheb Samir (of Normals and Capputtini'i lignu fame), Bobsleigh baby is the epitome of the fresh, simple, garage-y yet artsy feel you can get in their commander-in-chief Bob Junior's "Fanfulla" club, in the heart of the legendary Pigneto neighborhood in Rome. An exhaustive manifesto more than a recording, it will satisfy both your post-punkish needs and your increasing hipsterism. Great for fans of The Feeling of Love, Crash Normal, and Bobsleigh's other French and Italian brethren.

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