Movie Star Junkies "In a Night Like This" 10"


$ 1.00 $ 12.00

It’s not often that one comes across a band as original and experienced as Movie Star Junkies. Kill Shaman have been fans of the band since we first heard early releases on AVANT! and their split with fellow KS band, The Feeling of Love. Mixing some sort of Italian spaghetti western aesthetic with goth, post-punk, and the volume and stage presence of the best garage bands, Movie Star Junkies have shared a sweet little 4-song 10″ EP with us. The album is 100% black vinyl, limited to 500 copies and comes with beautiful packaging, including upgraded 10″ stock and a beautiful printed inner-sleeve complete with lyrics and creepy artwork (hence the price tag). For fans of Nick Cave, Dog-Faced Hermans, and any of the other Le Grande Triple Alliance bands.Note for European customers: This 10″ is available on Ghost Records in Italy. Get it there.

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