Agent Side Grinder "Debut" CD


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Kill Shaman is happy to present “Debut” from Agent Side Grinder on digipak CD. Reproduced in coordination withEnfant Terrible, Agent Side Grinder’s “Debut” is the shining jewel of Sweden’s post-punk scene. This CD version includes some extra tracks, all new art and beautiful digipak packaging, and a brilliant remastering by Daniel Haworth (who has mastered/recorded most KS releases). The band plays real industrial music in the style of Cabaret Voltaire, mixed with some Suicide-style proto-punk, fused with the energy of early EBM, reminiscent of The Klinik and topped with a dash of psychedelia that can be traced back to The Doors. The result is a unique, contemporary and fresh sound that will appeal to fans of industrial, elektro, old style EBM, and krautrock alike.

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