Bosom Divine "New Full Length Album" CD

Les Disques Steak

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Long awaited, finally here is the second album from gang brothers Féchiolles one of the most dangerous crew of the hexagon. Do not mess with these people very well flagged at Securitas. With their assets to a slew of robberies in the prestigious company of brothers in arms Anglo-Saxon (Viva American Death Ray, Kid Congo ...) or Swiss (Roy & The Devil's Mortorcycle), the Bosom wants everything, on. The production is as high as it's known that Jeremiah Taubes is stuck there: a warm, round, well low and guitars like cheese graters on the pasta of the mama. Efforts construction evident (the breaks funk-punk of "Hangover," the overwhelming frenzy of their sublime cover of "Revenge of the nerds "...), an organ that tickles especially herculean doses of epinephrine in the service a rock'n'roll dry and compact. In the midst of this massive album the group agrees that some relaxations as "I just do not know," fullness of the top electric and the symbol of blood and sweat gained mastery in the field. Their "Sweet Sami desire" testifies to harmonica support, the countless booty lavishly spent marathons sweaty debauchery as their bayou home. Between experiments stew of "Kinky rock" and plastered tarred "Boso Song", the gang does not forbidden and finishes well with his audience openly psychoactive "no exception". A true demonstration. A place among all ears.

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