Killerlady / Japanische Kampfhorspiele "Split" 7"


$ 1.00 $ 8.00

Imported from Germany, this split is from Killerlady and Japnische Kampfhorspiele. Killer packaging and super limited. Both are solo projects from the folks in EA-80. Here's a google-translated description, so pardon the mess: "After KILLERLADY EP, now the second coup, this time as a split, each with an exclusive piece of the other solo project of singer EA80 boy with the grind-death-punk cult band FIGHT JAPANESE RADIO PLAYS! This is the KILLER can with "Dis-something" DISCHARGE with jazz brushes to exotherm. Distorted and pissed in less than two minutes. JAKA celebrate on their side with "The Living Dead" nothing less than the first socially critical Grind musical. Or the deconstruction of the metal market? About five minutes. But as is true about all. Limited edition of 480 copies in cardboard Faltcover 4c, printed on both sides. Each 240-KILLER Exexmplare with the smooth side out, or outside with the rough JAKA page. Given a black band with black print, 4c label labels, including Inlet, and a cardboard screen printing, screen printing stickers.

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