Last of the Juanitas “The Jay” 7″

Wantage USA

$ 3.00 $ 6.00

The Wantage USA debut single with Portland's most cacophonous and technical, jazz-metalists. The A side features a new recording of an original called The Jay, which one could somehow compare to the brutal stomp that Nirvana had happening on their Bleach LP. The B side features a brilliant and weird Sun Ra cover. Wantage always dug the fact that the Juanitas were not only down with Sun Ra, but interested enough to record a cover of his Blues On Planet Mars. Last of the Juanitas music has always been kind of difficult to discribe, but, at minimum the stuff is ambitiously technical, cathartic, dystopian and completely inspiring in a way that few bands can be. They took the best parts of Black Flag and Drive like Jehu and added a ton of their own jazz. (Wantage)

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