Meercaz “Meercaz” LP

Tic Tac Totally

$ 5.00 $ 14.00

Killer debut from Muslim Delgado's (Leaders) Meercaz finally hits the streets on wax. LP cut at the great Chicago Mastering Service, housed in an old school "tip-on" jacket with insert and liner notes by Eddie Flowers. The Meercaz sound is hard to pin down, which is pretty bitchen considering the fact that it's shameless ROCK! The production is simple yet experimental. The approach is primitive but spacey, simultaneously "retro" and "futuristic" without batting an eye. It's aggressive guitar music that's "punk" in its DIY manic quality, but with an aesthetic that's much closer to the late 60s and early 70s. To my ears, Meercaz is one of the handful of things in recent years that matches what I think modern rock music SHOULD sound like (and rarely does).

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