Muscle Drum "Fog Hag" LP

Break Up

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Muscle Drum is the home recording project of Robert Spector (formally of Spector Protector and Fuckwolf) which he uses as a testing ground for his work with his current mainstay, San Francisco dark psychedelic art fuck dance trio Bronze. Muscle Drum has been active for years, recording albums of synth/drum machine pop experiementation and psychedelic guitar pop. This music has been available via CDRs passing through the hands of the more discerning music enthusiasts in the Golden State and beyond. The sounds on these records range from austere synth "ballads", to short circuited drum machine work outs, to psychedelic jangle pop that reminds how the eighties actually sounded. Recently, with the impending release of Bronze's first full length on RVNG, Muscle Drum has been making its way beyond the bounds of the CDR and has been spotted on compilations by Human Ear Music and digital singles label Beko.

Fog Hag, both the first official release by Muscle Drum and the first release on Break Up, represents the maturation of the ideas captured on the Muscle Drum CDRs. Covering the range of styles Muscle Drum has dabbled in, be it jangly guitar tunes, synth pop nods to dance music, or just plain pop weirdness, Fog Hag envelopes the listener in Spector's off kilter pop haze. Limited to 500 copies, playable at 45 RPM. The first 100 copies come with a CD of earlier material "The Early Drum Catches The Snare"

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