Pink Noise “ALPHA” LP


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Follow up to their great debut LP on Sacred Bones, this LP includes more of those great sci-fi tinged pop tunes. On the always great Almost Ready. "Of every band that gets slapped with the term 'Noise-Pop,' Montreal's Pink Noise are the ones who most exemplify it. After a string of moody, off-kilter 7?, cassettes and last years debut LP, the band returns with an album whose small tweak towards structure leads to some very big and interesting results.

Alpha runs it's 25 minutes like a drug addled time warp hell bent on uniting the long distance love affair between the 70's No Wave scene on the east and the west's Synth-Punk. While it sticks to a mostly unrefined and visceral milieu that channels everything from Arto Lindsay and James Chance to the Screamers the album has a softer, more accessible undercurrent... that whole 'Pop' side of Noise-Pop.

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