Poppets “Same” LP

P. Trash

$ 5.00 $ 13.00

Imported from Germany on P. Trash records and limited to 1000 copies. On a cold Febuary morning the two POPPETS took out their caffeine addiction and their old drum computer pal to an empty warehouse where they met up with a cheap gang of guitars, a good-for-nothing bunch of synthesizers and a sock wearing, noise addicted microphone and together they wrung out these 8 minimalistic and animalistic lo-fi gems that were captuired immediately on a 4-track tape recorder.

Their first longer effort to date clocks in at 14 minutes and is filled to the brim with damaged and beat-up Pop that shakes and twitches in every corner. None of the involved had to suffer mental or physical damage and will soon be operational for other releases.
1st press has different silk-screened cover variations!

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