Red Mass "Split Brain Experiment" 10"


$ 7.00 $ 12.00

We have the limited edition green vinyl copies. Each is hand numbered out of 100! Never to be pressed again! Our pals at Rococo Records released this one and here's their description:

"Red Mass creates dark, driving, and repetitive apocalypse-punk that's unique to Montreal, especially considering that this band features members of now-defunct CPC Gangbangs. Their dissonant and disjointed dark-wave eventually erupts into hypnotic noise. The sound and vocals range from the low preach of Bad Seeds-era Nick Cave to the severe rants of Fear's Lee Ving, all bound and gagged with acidic guitar solos revived from long-dead Eddie Hazel. This 10" starts out curiously open but gets progressively darker as you are sucked deeper into their vacuum of violence. Limited to 500 copies."
Red Mass is one of the most acid damaged garage bands going these days without being constantly overly blown-out or noisy. "Split Brain Experiment" starts off very minimally, but the laid back guitar leads on the A-side of this mid-sized release are incendiary. The rhythms are hypnotic, the vocals effected, and the songs have a Robotrippin' kind of pace to 'em. The opening cut on the B-side, "Pig", kicks the "trippin' balls" knob up a notch while the closing track "The End Of The World" sounds like a unearthed "Nuggets" jam that gets lost on one helluva bad trip. There's actually a pretty cool timeless outsider private press vibe to these recordings. If we didn't know Red Mass were from the land of free healthcare up north, after hearing this slab, we would've expected the phrase "lovingly fucked with by Mike Rep" to be included in the liners. Regardless of where they're coming from geographically, Red Mass obviously has a lot in common with what's come out of the Buckeye State over the past few decades. This ten-incher comes especially recommended for fans of drug'n'roll and all of the Ohio underground stalwarts.

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