The Cheeraks “2nd EP” 7″


$ 3.00 $ 6.00

The second single by a band that is quickly taking their place as the best French group in existence right now. The A-Side begins with a JSBX-mocking tape loop intro and devolves quickly into harsh and bloody little skirmish between punk and blues that sounds almost Persuders-like with its overly harsh vocal sound. The B-Side contains a great Lynchian/Lost Highway creeping groove of a song with great disembodied vocals that are almost indiscernible through the haunting echo. The perfect soundtrack for driving through the desert at night with a body in the trunk and a gun in the glovebox. My only problem with this record: It's over way too quick. But, I'll take what I can get from these guys, and so should you. (Terminal Boredom, RK)

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