Tyler John Tyler "Separate Issue" 7"


$ 3.00 $ 6.00

TYLER JON TYLER’s second 7-inch single is the band exposed. Their efficient and up front approach to two-minute punk songs tears open the jangly pop of an excited youth to reveal the subtly sad and sorry garage-rock guts within. With members from THE PONYS and DAILY VOID, their clean and minimal sound allows each instrument to become uniquely full and poignant. On top of that, IAN ADAMS (SUBMARINE RACES) joins in on "Paul" with perfect hooks on 12-string guitar, adding a cheery feeling that spans from late ‘70s era Euro pop (The Clean) through ‘90s K Records style lo-fi (Beat Happening). Limited to 500 copies, 400 on black and 100 on red. WE HAVE ONLY RED VINYL!

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