Vaz "Chartreuse Bull" LP

Sleeping Giant Glossolalia

$ 13.00

VAZ exist in a realm outside of any known comfort zone, operating off the grid and blasting straight through any and all trends with their eyes seemingly closed to the vapidness of it all. Hoisting the flag of creep-rock high above the heads of any who might challenge the throne with Chartreuse Bull, their leanest, meanest LP yet, it’s no wonder VAZ have outlived the space shuttle and any other fad you can think of.

Guitarist Paul Erickson and drummer Jeff Moordian launched this mission years ago with HAMMERHEAD and now, with the addition of Tyler Nolan, VAZ will continue to laugh as the satellites crash around their heads. Past VAZ efforts on Load, Thin The Herd, and GSL have hinted that the day will come when it’s time to board up the house and go underground, but Chartreuse Bull will have you running for the hammer and nails.

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