Virus / Dots “Split” 7″

Depression House

$ 3.00 $ 7.00

Out on Depression House with a lil' help from Avant!, this record featuers two of the bands most out of control from the italian countryside. The A side is the debut of this new duo VIRUS. They sound like an hilarious version of the Hopsitals but the great thing is that its not one drummer + guitarist/vocalists but one frontman vocalist + the drummer at once pounding skins with feet & one hand and playing the guitar with the other one only. 3 songs from them, hear at: and take a look at the video they made for one of these songs. You will know why you need this record. The flipside goes to DOTS. They had a single out on Ken Rock like one year ago and they toured US too at the time, so you might know what to expect. Super demento frantic DIY/KBD punk rock. Their side has got 4 tracks in less than 4 minutes. If you never heard of'em, damn you and go to their myspace now:

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