Whatever Brains "Nesting" 7"

Not Funny

$ 3.00 $ 6.00

Whatever Brains is a basement punk band. Primed on the strength of their two previous seven-inches released on Bull City Records, Raleigh, NC’s Whatever Brains release their third vinyl offering, “Nesting,” on Harrisonburg, VA’s Funny / Not Funny Records (FNF-002). Whatever Brains brand of lo-fi, punk and pop will continue to outshine most bargain basement throwbacks confined to $500 booking fees. With 45 RPMs to freedom, the three barnburners on “Nesting” showcase the Brains ability to craft drunken pop hits with a slight hint at punk’s raucousness. For reference, the Brains pretty much play what you’d expect men in their mid-twenties who grew up listening to The Fall, Pavement and the Country Teasers to sound like.

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