Yussuf Jerusalem "Blast from the Past" LP

Florida's Dying

$ 5.00 $ 12.00

Its about time. The follow up to 2008's "Heart Full of Sorrow" is finally out and available to the public. Three years later and Yussuf Jerusalem's debut is still one of my favorite albums, so I am happy to announce that the follow up "Blast From The Past" is sitting nicely beside it. More sad, weird, black metal inspired psych folk. This will be what I'm listening as I mount my stead and enter battle ready to die. Take a listen here. Test for both the Really Loud Hamburgers, and Hungry Gayze singles here this week, with the test for ROACH MOTEL coming next week. I still can't believe I'm putting out an L's worth of material from one of my favorite childhood bands. I

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